If a Vineyard Could Talk, What Would it Say?

Some of the most well-known vineyards in the Napa Valley are famous for a reason: they consistently produce wines that speak of the singular place of their origin. “Terroir” is an imprecise concept, but it’s the combination of soils, sun exposure, elevation, weather, and other factors that make a specific region, even a specific vineyard, produce exceptionally distinct wines, as if the vineyards have their own signature.

At Amici we’re getting ready to let two famous Napa Valley vineyards speak for themselves. This summer we’ll be releasing our two new single vineyard wines, Cabernet Sauvignons from Spring Mountain and Morisoli Vineyard (Rutherford Bench). These are two wonderful examples of what makes the Napa Valley and the terroir of its sub-appellations so interesting, even mystical, to wine lovers.

Joel has several decades of experience working with the grapes from this Spring Mountain vineyard, as well as Rutherford Bench vineyards adjacent to Morisoli. It was fun for him to get back to vineyards he knows like old friends and, from harvest through release, craft wines that allow each vineyard to express its own unique personality.

Here’s a short video on these upcoming releases:

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